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Guy Gives His Sister The Ultimate 90’s Care Package For Xmas (8 pics)

This guy says his older sister took care of him when he was a kid and now he's returning the favor with the most epic car package of 90s swag that's ever been put together.

Prepare to Be Disappointed…Full House is Joining the Reboot Train

Full House has been added to the ever-growing list of nostalgic 90's shows and movies that are being remade. Spoiler alert: the show will be a newly morphed, barely recognizable version of itself, with terrible script writing and aging actors that will only ruin your feel-good sense of the show you had when you were a child. Will I...

Dumb Teens React To JNCO Jeans As You’d Expect

It's no surprise. Ultra-hip teens are disgusted by the popular 90's jeans JNCO jeans. Why? Well for one, they're not skin tight, bright pastel-colored, and don't smell like a thrift shop (well maybe some of them do by now.) They do have a point that they're huge and not the most flattering pair of jeans to wear. But that...

The New THX Intro Could Give You A Heart Attack

This kinda gave me the creeps as a child and now THX has made a new intro trailer that will creep out another generation of kids. ...and the original if you forgot or are too young to know what I'm even talking about.

90’s Alternative Vocal Hook Supercut

This is sooooooooooooo whooooooooaoaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeeeee some!