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People Do A Lot Of Stupid Things When They’re Drunk

It all starts when someone says "Hold my beer."

So We Heard You Like Beer

If you love beer as much as these people, then you might as well marry it.

You Think You Have A Drinking Problem?

HOLY MACKEREL. That is a lot of beer. https://youtu.be/-TL7yPcyyhw

Raise A Shot Glass To This Supercut of Movie Characters Getting Hammered

P-A-R-T-why? Because this is awesome.

A Helpful Guide To Help You Understand Types of Whiskey

So what's the difference between Rye, Scotch or Bourbon? This quick guide will help you comprehend whiskey varieties. So what exactly is whiskey? In the most basic definition, it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Generally, the mash is aged in wooden casks which gives whiskey that distinct brown color and taste. Some of the more popular...

Irish People Try American Beers And Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say About Them

Well corned beef and cabbage is terrible too.

Grandmas Try Fireball Whiskey For the First Time

These ladies know what is up.