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Extremely Loud Sex Noises Disrupt A Tennis Match

Props to this dude https://youtu.be/jVfZJFNYF0s

Roommates Play Drunken Truth or Dare & Start Blabbing About Their True Feelings

I was waiting for someone to get slapped or punched. It would've been an all-out brawl if I did this with my ex-roommates. via Daily Mail

Things Get Pretty Awkward When Guys Try To Explain How Women’s Sex Toys Work

To be fair, men's sex toys are pretty basic and simple. Some of these toys for women need a engineering degree to operate. (this is coming from a male's point of view obviously.)

People Give Up Masturbating For a Month And Seem Extremely Miserable In Doing So

Props to them. You'd have to tie my arms behind my back.