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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Into Her Former BF’s House

https://youtu.be/1j_iCMS1Yp0 Never stick it in crazy

The Craziest Things People Have Done For Money

I may be very green but I'm not this dumb.

Woman Performs Spilts and Shoulder Press To Make You Look Weak and Feeble

Obviously don't try this at home because you will fail miserably.

Insane Footage Of A Truck Slamming Into A Bus

https://youtu.be/a5ANtYTPSBE Holy hell. Luckily no one died in this crash.

‘How Did You Survive That?!’ Compilation

Not a dry crotch in sight.

Watch A Daredevil Perform A Real Life SpiderMan Swing From A High-Rise

We thank you for your craziness sir.

Toddler Falls Out Of Moving Fan In The Middle Of Traffic!

Not sure how or why this kid wasn't in a car seat but I'm not here to judge.

Victims Makes Their Cheating Partners Wish They Were Never Born

Hope the passionate minutes were worth it, cuz your life is a living hell now.

Golfer Drives Ball Off Her Teammate’s Butt

Now that's trust Things you can do with a big butt and a good golf swing ⛳️ @nanimerchi A video posted by @marirodriguez on Oct 21, 2015 at 8:17am PDT

Crazy Daredevils Do Tricks Above A 40-Story Building And Try Not To Die

These people are clinically insane. Hope you're not afraid of heights or you will lose your lunch. via Business Insider

Watch These Crazy Germans Play Indoor Soccer…On Bikes

This is Radball. It's indoor soccer, played on a basketball court..on BIKES. You should know more about this, so watch the video. via Deadspin