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You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing Cartwheels During Sobriety Test

You will for sure get a DWI. https://youtu.be/6_d6MyolpMs

Drunk People Do Some Really Dumb and Crazy Things

We've all been there...but hopefully a camera wasn't.

Raise A Shot Glass To This Supercut of Movie Characters Getting Hammered

P-A-R-T-why? Because this is awesome.

Guy Stops Car By Dropping And Giving His Best Performance

Yeah this guy it totally sober.

Sh*t Happens When You Party Too Hard

Prime examples of drinking too much Capri Suns.

Cheers to the Weekend! Time to Get Wasted!!

...and completely wrecked tomorrow.

Wasted Bills’ Fan Slams Head Into Tailgate Bus

Somehow this is Roger Goddell's fault.