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The Art Of Seduction Fails

Going from hot to not in a matter of seconds. nasty pic.twitter.com/Nky4Sqo5K4 — LASTCALL (@SmackDatBooty69) September 3, 2016

You Probably Shouldn’t Be Doing Cartwheels During Sobriety Test

You will for sure get a DWI. https://youtu.be/6_d6MyolpMs

Go For Broke: A Compilation Of Breaking Sh*t


Dude Throws Up While Proposing To His GF In An Airplane

If you have that bad motion sickness, you would think he would of done this a little closer to the ground. But hey, that's none of my business. https://youtu.be/cv_tQgd0nFI

Who Doesn’t Love Seeing People Get Nailed in the Face With Balls?

"Balls to the face, you big disgrace, kicking that sphere right into that place"

These People Almost Died On Camera

https://youtu.be/-281FWKfrVE ...and most likely soiled their pants.

People Who Didn’t Check Their Selfies Before Posting Them

C'mon people. Think before you post!

Idiot Sprays Himself With Mace For Some Reason


Hilarious Trampoline and Other Spring-Loaded Fails Compilation

I wonder how much money is spent on trampoline injuries a year?