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Weird, Lazy and Downright Bad Marriage Proposals

I would've said no to all of these.

That’s Not Very Smart

Feel The Heat With These Hilarious News Fails From July


The Best Fails With Bats And Balls


Just Another Random Fail Supercut

There's never enough fails to go around. https://youtu.be/JFO7YIK79So

The Best News Bloopers and Fails From The Year So Far

The reason broadcast news still exists https://youtu.be/gdr6Y39CQYc

Apperantly Bears Can Open Car Doors Now

Lock yo' doors next time you see a bear outside your car. https://youtu.be/BKjZGnHeEBc

You’ll Laugh Twice At These Double Fails

Double your fail, double your fun. https://youtu.be/fThKWMWmu0c

Girl Captures The Fails Of Grilling For The First Time

Kudos to her for trying though.

This May Be The Saddest Attempt At Robbery Ever Caught On Video

This guy needs to home and Google How To Rob Successfully.