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When You Change Your Tire In The Middle Of The Highway…

...expect this to happen.

Batman Fails At Mastering His New Weapon

He may need some help in the R&D department.

Bad Tattoos That Are So Full Of Regret

Got a bad tattoo you want to show off? Submit it here

Some Of The Worst Kissing Fails Ever Caught By A Camera

Cameras never lie..kissing is gross.

The Ultimate Parkour Fail Supercut

Kids: Please try this at home...and then send us the footage.

21 Times Guys Got Caught Staring

We can only blame science.

The Best Fails of 2016 (Last Week)

New year, same stupidity.

Mike Tyson Gets Taken Out By Hoverboard…Bad

That's the hardest I've ever seen the champ go down.

College Professor Accidentally Sends Nude Pic To Student, Student Gets An A on Final As A Result

A student named "Mike" shared this story of how his professor gave out her personal cell phone number to answer quick questions on assignments after office hours. Apparently the guy that she is dating is also named “Mike,” which led to this perfect little accident. ...and here's proof that he actually got that A. Mike is the currently the luckiest man...

This Compilation Proves It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Jerk

And that karma is a bitch.