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Best Fails of the Week May 9

Another Friday, another Fail Compilation. Enjoy & Happy Friday

Biggest Family Feud Fail of All Time

You needed 19 points....19 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Best Fails of the Month April 2014

Who doesnt love a good fail compilation. Since we're nearing the end of April how about the best fails of the month.

Ultimate Car Crash Compilation

A subtle reminder of how not to drive

Orioles Ballgirl Fields A Fair Ball

She is now being scouted by the Mets.

This dude really loves his nachos

On the bright side, at least he's getting some.

Do You think she’s ever played the guitar before?

Still better than Justin Bieber.

Atlanta Braves Set Their American Flag on Fire

The pic explains it all. This happened during their open opening celebration.