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Girl Shares Her V-Day Coupons She Gave To Her Lucky BF

What a lucky guy. All I got was a twix bar and a hug. Source: http://imgur.com/rtWmIZY

People Do Some Strange Things When They’re Naked At Home

Get down with yo' naked self.

Guy pranks GF with vibrating panties in front of his mom

https://youtu.be/n-qU25yMjC8 I think mom was into it.

These ladies started their own version of the ‘Cup-Check’ game

https://youtu.be/u_edoBYAqZU One can argue that the pain of getting hit in the bits doesn't compare between a man and a woman, but those ladies are hitting pretty hard.

Girl Finds a BIG Surprise in the Background of Her Senior Photo

oh so no one was gonna tell me there was a big ass penis behind my head for my senior pictures??? pic.twitter.com/BTipCBB2Hl— alexis (@alexisboatfield) February 6, 2017 Apparently she's not the only one. @HunterAliciya @ohheyyitspey pic.twitter.com/yrNTRNWVSG — taylo (@tayloranne2015) February 7, 2017 @alexisboatfield girl me too pic.twitter.com/ZxATh2e0d9 — Kaley ☽ (@missskaleyann) February 7, 2017 @alexisboatfield don't worry girl. I have one coming out of...

Thoughts From The Dogs

Pretty deep stuff here.

This Mascot Really Shouldn’t Be On The Ice