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These ladies started their own version of the ‘Cup-Check’ game

https://youtu.be/u_edoBYAqZU One can argue that the pain of getting hit in the bits doesn't compare between a man and a woman, but those ladies are hitting pretty hard.

Girl Finds a BIG Surprise in the Background of Her Senior Photo

oh so no one was gonna tell me there was a big ass penis behind my head for my senior pictures??? pic.twitter.com/BTipCBB2Hl— alexis (@alexisboatfield) February 6, 2017 Apparently she's not the only one. @HunterAliciya @ohheyyitspey pic.twitter.com/yrNTRNWVSG — taylo (@tayloranne2015) February 7, 2017 @alexisboatfield girl me too pic.twitter.com/ZxATh2e0d9 — Kaley ☽ (@missskaleyann) February 7, 2017 @alexisboatfield don't worry girl. I have one coming out of...

Thoughts From The Dogs

Pretty deep stuff here.

This Mascot Really Shouldn’t Be On The Ice


You Can’t Not Watch The Best Fails of the 2016

https://youtu.be/ITHKAu4xmNg 2016 Sucked For Everyone In This Video