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These People Almost Died On Camera

https://youtu.be/-281FWKfrVE ...and most likely soiled their pants.

The Best of GoPro in 2016

https://youtu.be/Jc8VaMQ5aOo Did you do anything as half as cool as these people did?

Watch A Daredevil Perform A Real Life SpiderMan Swing From A High-Rise

We thank you for your craziness sir.

GoPro Shows Us How Skillful Professional Hockey Players Are

Yet they make WAY less than baseball and football players. It's a shame.

Bouncer Wears A GoPro On New Years Eve To Reveal All The Sh*T He Goes Through

I hope bouncers along with all other bouncers that have to work this night get paid doubled.

This Crazy Man Jumped Out Of A Hot Air Balloon Without A Parachute

This guy certainly deserves the Biggest Balls in the World award.

Woman Biker Gives A Nice Point of View As She Rides With No Pants

Nothing short of genius. We cant show the video on our site but trust me, it's worth the extra click.

Crazy Daredevils Do Tricks Above A 40-Story Building And Try Not To Die

These people are clinically insane. Hope you're not afraid of heights or you will lose your lunch. via Business Insider

Skydiver Solves Rubik’s Cube In Mid-Air

There's chill, then there's free-falling 12,000ft above land chill.

Watch When Dude Realizes He Made A Horrible Mistake Going Down Royal Flush Backwards

The Royal Flush is back in our feed. This GoPro features a very ballsy dude going down the flush backwards. His reaction once he hits the air is priceless.

GoPro Footage Shows Motorcyclist Getting Hit Head-On By a Fire Truck

This video focuses heavily on 2 points: 1. Don't buy a motorcycle and 2. Buy a GoPro, they're worth every penny.