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Dude Throws Up While Proposing To His GF In An Airplane

If you have that bad motion sickness, you would think he would of done this a little closer to the ground. But hey, that's none of my business. https://youtu.be/cv_tQgd0nFI

Could You Outrun A Fart? Science Can Tell You

https://www.youtube.com/embed/p2OCDAHklQI If you've ever asked yourself this question, today is your lucky day.

Kate Ovens Is Back To Take On This Triple-Sized Mega Burrito

First she devoured a 28oz Burger in 10 minutes. Now watch Kate Ovens eat a triple-size burrito from the Zapatista Burrito Bar's Belly Buster Burrito Challenge under the same amount of time. See more of Kate's amazing food eating challenges here.

People of Reddit Share Their Worst Sexual Experiences

We've all had some bad sex from time to time, but these fine folks on Reddit are the Donald Trump of (some literally) shitty sexual experiences. Some of these are way too nasty to fully post on our site. Go over to dudecomedy.com for the full grossness. 1. I was with this girl and she was kind of an emo...

Watch Kate Ovens Devour A 28oz Burger In Less Than 10 Minutes

Now that's impressive. Adam Richman would be proud. See more of Kate's amazing food eating challenges here.

Some Of The Worst Kissing Fails Ever Caught By A Camera

Cameras never lie..kissing is gross.

People of Reddit Disclose The Grossest Things They’ve Done With Their Significant Other (NSFW)

Yep, some pretty sick sh*t. This got pretty intense, so I took out the really nasty stuff. Go over to dudecomedy.com for the full grossness. 1. Have sex while her dog watches. I stare back most of the time. 2. I lick her asshole on a regular basis for foreplay, drives her absolutely wild. 3. We have unprotected period sex every...

Dad Sends A Super Gross Text and Pic To Mom, Didnt Know Daughter Was In Group Text

If there was ever an Unsee button on your brain, it would be a perfect us for it. Gross.

The Best and Absolute Worst of Tinder NSFW

These make me feel so happy I am out of the dating scene