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A List Of Really Stupid Rules At Work

..and you think your job sucks.

50 Ways To Live Happier and Healthier

Just trying to help out. Source: Designers Projects

Real-Talk About The College Experience

I don't really miss these days. https://youtu.be/9dgmp3KmwGg

Doctors Claim Giving BJ’S Are Great For Your Health

I'm not making this up. According to a recent study conducted out by the State University of New York, oral sex is said to be a healthy, depression fighting activity. Scientists have discovered that there are mood improving chemicals in male semen which can be very beneficial for women’s health. Bring up this article to cash in your BJ tonight...

A Look At Our Lives Right Now Sans Our Mobile Devices

This is really depressing. Make some time without your devices and enjoy what's around you. via the "Removed" series by Eric Pickersgill (http://ericpickersgill.com/)

6 Life Hacks for Better Sex

Let's all thank the people who allowed super-smart researches to watch them (or try to) have sex so we all could learn a thing or two from this groundbreaking video.