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Dude For Sure Broke His Arm Trying To Impress A Lady

OUCH. Hope the view was worth the medical bills. pic.twitter.com/fh4pmBkeo9— LASTCALL (@SmackDatBooty69) February 14, 2017

Dudes Run On Treadmill Covered With Legos For Torture Purposes

Damn. This hurts just watching. https://youtu.be/-KQ2pfIsGRw

Excuse Me, You’re Totally Doing It Wrong


You’ll Laugh Twice At These Double Fails

Double your fail, double your fun. https://youtu.be/fThKWMWmu0c

People Do Awesome Things…But Not In This Video

Yesterday, we gave you people winning at life. Today we present the losers.

Woman Got Nailed Right In The Head By A Foul Ball Last Night

First off, that had to be a one-in-a-million chance of happening. Second off, reports are that there is a net behind home plate but how did the ball go so far past the net to hit someone that hard. Anyway, check out the vid and cringe. A scary moment here in the 2nd as a fan is hit with...