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Guy Hilariously Trolls Passengers With Fake Book Covers On The Subway

Well that's one way to get attention on the subway.

Paige Ginn Is The Queen Of Hilarious Staged Falls

Her name is Paige Ginn and she surely knows how to commit to her art. Check out more hilarious falls at her Vine page

Model Amanda Cerny Distracts The Hell Out of These Guys In This Latest Prank Video

I would totally let a car get stolen to get a glimpse of Amanda for a couple more seconds.

This Pranker Has The Biggest Balls By Egging Cars In The Hood

I wouldn't call it the hood, but it definitely takes balls to pull-off these pranks.

These Killer Clown Pranks May Be The Most Elaborate Scare Pranks To Date

Until someone pulls out a gun, then it's all over.

Grandmas Ride In Lamborghini For The First Time, Probably Piss Themselves Along The Way

Too be fair, I would probably piss myself too.

Girl Raises Skirt In Public To Catch Guys’ Reactions

This doesn't help the stereotype that all men are liars.

So There May Be Life on Mars After All..Maybe Not

So the Mars Rover sent back an image of some rocks on Mars...and a woman? In a world where no one would doctor or photoshop a photo for click-bait , this has to be legit and the end of the world is near. Totally Mars Lady. Photos via The Mary Sue

Relax, It’s Just a Prank

Not sure what's being promoted here, but this is spot-on satire on how cruel, brutal and not-funny the prank genre can be. "But it's just a prank" solves every human reaction to smash someone's face in. <