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Extremely Loud Sex Noises Disrupt A Tennis Match

Props to this dude https://youtu.be/jVfZJFNYF0s

Girl Shares Her V-Day Coupons She Gave To Her Lucky BF

What a lucky guy. All I got was a twix bar and a hug. Source: http://imgur.com/rtWmIZY

10 Interesting Sex Facts We Learned In 2015

Mostly because science.

People Reveal What They Usually Do After They Finish Having Sex

People on Reddit just revealed what their usual post-sex routines were. As you'd image, most of them are pretty normal and some are kinda weird. Pee immediately. Utis and kidney infections are not fun. Neither is semen dripping down your leg or into your butt crack The nearest piece of clothing becomes the ‘wiper’. I usually like to play with...

Doctors Claim Giving BJ’S Are Great For Your Health

I'm not making this up. According to a recent study conducted out by the State University of New York, oral sex is said to be a healthy, depression fighting activity. Scientists have discovered that there are mood improving chemicals in male semen which can be very beneficial for women’s health. Bring up this article to cash in your BJ tonight...

Real-Life Couples Experience VR Porn for the First Time And it’s Not As Awkward As You’d Think

The future of VR is getting closer and of course porn companies are leading the way in development. This "testimonial" proves that we will all be having virtual sex sooner rather than later.