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Watch Some Awesome Soccer and Ping-Pong Trick Shots

Soccer = football for those who are really really slow.

FIFA 16 Is Coming Soon..and It Looks Sick As Hell

EA just released the trailer to the new FIFA '16 which drops in September. In additional to amazing new features, for the first time you can play with women teams. Not that it needed any boost of sales but that additional alone will give you a reason to pick up the new release. via IGN here is the list...

17 Reasons Why I’m Watching the Women’s World Cup

Besides the awesome soccer action, below are reasons why I'm paying more attention to the 2015 Women's World Cup tournament. 1. ANOUK HOOGENDIJK (Netherlands) 2. LAUREN SESSELMANN (Canada) 3. KASOVARE ASLLANI (Sweden) 4. JULIA SIMIC (Germany) 5. TONI DUGGAN (England) 6. ALEX MORGAN (USA) 7. NAYELI RANGEL (Mexico) 8. JESSICA LANDSTROM (Sweden) 9. ERIKA DOS SANTOS (Brazil) 10. CORINE FRANCO (France) 11. SYDNEY LEROUX (USA) 12. SELINA WAGNER (Germany) 13. HOPE...

Argentinian Soccer Player Doesn’t Like Call, So He Knocks Out the Ref

Ban this guy from soccer and get him into boxing immediately.

Members of the German Women’s World Cup Team Pose for Playboy

In honor of the Women's World Cup, here's a flashback to 2011 when some members of the German Women's World Cup team posed for Playboy. The "spread" was to shred the rough-and-tough stereotype plagued by women on the German team. It worked. Click here to view the uncensored photos. (via The Local)

US Soccer is Back with the 2015 Women’s World Cup

It's that time of year that American's will once again be interested in soccer. The FIFA Women's World Cup tournament starts this weekend with the USA Women's team playing on Monday. The promo, produced by Fox Sports, cleverly ties in the Men's US soccer team loss in last year's World Cup and the buzz it created to the upcoming...

25 Hotties of the 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup has come and gone, and with that we bid farewell to the random hotties of the World Cup that gained more attention than most of the plays on the field.