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Crazy Talented Softball Player Hits Backwards Home Run


Another Year, Another Bad Lip Reading NFL Supercut

I look more forward to this than the commercials and food. Part 2 coming soon.

GoPro Shows Us How Skillful Professional Hockey Players Are

Yet they make WAY less than baseball and football players. It's a shame.

GUNZ BLAZIN’: The Fake ESPN 30 for 30 Special On Greg Hardy

“What if I told you… Greg Hardy was actually just an asshole.” via BroBible

28 Perfectly-Timed Sports & Action Shots

Timing is everything

There’s A Fake ’30 For 30′ About ‘Angels In The Outfield’ And It’s The Coolest

I absolutely friggin love this. Now do 'Rookie of the Year' next. via College Humor

Watch These Crazy Germans Play Indoor Soccer…On Bikes

This is Radball. It's indoor soccer, played on a basketball court..on BIKES. You should know more about this, so watch the video. via Deadspin