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Newscasters Didn’t Have A Good April

...but their audiences did. Thanks for the laughs.

The Ultimate Parkour Fail Supercut

Kids: Please try this at home...and then send us the footage.

Another Year, Another Bad Lip Reading NFL Supercut

I look more forward to this than the commercials and food. Part 2 coming soon.

Boobs So Powerful They Cannot Be Contained

You WILL like these ladies when they're angry.

A LOT Of Fails Happened In 2015. Let’s Watch Them All Again

Can't wait to see what 2016 brings

This Supercut of People Being Awesome Will Make You Want To Be Awesome in 2016

Consider this the New Year's resolution kick in the pants to do something awesome next year...even though for most of you, it probably won't. via People Are Awesome YouTube

Enjoy This Futuristic Supercut As Seen In Movies

I'm highly disappointed we're not even close to any of this. Instead we're arguing about a red cup.

The Ultimate High-Fivin Movie Supercut

"This is the greatest supercut of all time" -David Putty via World Wide Interweb

How About a 101 One-Armed Save Supercut To Pump You Up

Seriously, the most powerful thing in a movie is a one-arm save.