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The Hidden ‘McBain’ Movie Inside Episodes Of The Simpsons


See The Evolution Of SNL’s Opening Title Sequence

The most iconic and revolutionary show opening ever. See more at AVclub.com

That ONE Scene From The Breaking Bad Finale Got The MythBusters Treatment

If you haven't seen the finale of Breaking Bad, shame on you. Seriously. But also, don't watch this. For the rest of the cool kids, check this out: via Boing Boing

Marty Reacting to True Detective Season 2 Is Spot-On

...nobody should watch this.

See Jon Stewart Age Very Nicely Over This ‘Daily Show’ Time-Lapse

Jon Stewart has hosted 'The Daily Show' over 2000 times and his run as host is drawing to an end. Here's a great video compiling shots from most if not all the shows he's hosted. We'll miss you Jon.

Sexy Mexican Weatherwomen Are Blowing Up The Internet

This may be the only thing that Mexican Television has to offer the world. These 2 women are catching attention from all over the world for their awesome weather forecasting talents.. Yanet Garcia Susana Almeida

You’ve Never Seen This Section of Jerry’s Apartment from ‘Seinfeld’

Dubbed the 'Fourth Wall', this wall was never seen during any Seinfeld episode. Hoping it would be used at some point in the show's 9-year run, the wall was decorated with very Jerry-esque style including a vintage Porsche ad, a couple of baseball posters, and even a photo of an old horse and carriage.

FOX Cancels ‘American Idol’ And America Rejoices

Filed under the Best News of the Month, FOX announced they are canceling the once ratings-juggernaut American Idol. Even it's a decision five years too late, the fine people at FOX (who are clearing out a lot of other terrible shows) is finally making this wrong. Now if only NBC would take notice and get rid of The Voice,...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Acts Out All Of His Films In 6 Minutes

Arnold Schwarzenegger proves he's still awesome by acting out all his films on the new Late Late Show with James Corden. I'm new to this show, but this is the coolest thing I've seen in late night TV in a long time. Keep it up Mr. Corden.

Prepare to Be Disappointed…Full House is Joining the Reboot Train

Full House has been added to the ever-growing list of nostalgic 90's shows and movies that are being remade. Spoiler alert: the show will be a newly morphed, barely recognizable version of itself, with terrible script writing and aging actors that will only ruin your feel-good sense of the show you had when you were a child. Will I...