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This Gallery Goes Out To All The Gamers Out There

If you want to live the good life then become a gamer.

PlayStation 2 Classics Are (Sort Of) Coming To The PlayStation 4 According To Sony

The Playstation 4 is pretty awesome, except for us older gamers that would like to enjoy previous PSOne, 2 or 3 games. Well that day may soon come a reality according to Sony and that is in thanks to Star Wars. A special bundle for the recently released Star Wars Battlefront contained a handful of PS2 Star Wars...

Watch Video Game Graphics Evolve in a 60 Year Span

The best 12 minutes spent today.

Why does Mario Have a Mustache and Other Super Mario Questions Are Explained

I never wondered any of this when I was a kid but it's so much more interesting as an adult.

FIFA 16 Is Coming Soon..and It Looks Sick As Hell

EA just released the trailer to the new FIFA '16 which drops in September. In additional to amazing new features, for the first time you can play with women teams. Not that it needed any boost of sales but that additional alone will give you a reason to pick up the new release. via IGN here is the list...

Watch Real-Life ‘Grand Theft Auto’

YouTube channel Corridor Digital put out an amazing video of re-creating Grand Theft Auto in real-life. The attention to detail, camera angles, effects are just incredible. I would totally throw down some cash to see an entire movie or series.

Watch All Of The Fatalities from the New Mortal Kombat Game

If you won't be buying the new Mortal Kombat game any time soon or don't want to put in 60+ hours to see, all of the fatalities have been compiled and put in one video...and boy these are vivid. You will need to take a shower after watching this. Guaranteed.

Guitar Hero is Making Its Return

Responding to the new Rock Band release, Guitar Hero is making its 2015 return later this fall. The new twist with this release is the first person POV experience. You the rock god guitarist, play in front of an audience and they react to how well or terrible you are playing. Just like the real thing right? If you...

New Mortal Kombat Launch Trailer Will Make You Squirm A Little

The makers of Mortal Kombat have upped the ante this time around with the release of the newest in the series Mortal Kombat X. The game looks flippin sweet and gory as all hell. Should be fun to play as long as you wait 30 minutes after you eat.