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Girl Ruins Faces To Look Like Angelina Jolie

Sahar is from Tehran and is probably Ms. Jolie's biggest fan. She reportedly lost 40 kilos and has undergone 50+ plastic surgery operations in just a few months. Looks legit right?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Into Her Former BF’s House

https://youtu.be/1j_iCMS1Yp0 Never stick it in crazy

Woman Performs Spilts and Shoulder Press To Make You Look Weak and Feeble

Obviously don't try this at home because you will fail miserably.

Crazy MF’er Lights Himself On Fire Then Jumps Off 10 Story Building

Must have been a really boring Saturday. Homeboy ain't got one real friend...❄️🔥😩@LookAtThisRussian #WSHH A post shared by WorldstarHipHop (@worldstar) on Feb 15, 2017 at 12:20pm PST

First-Hand Look Inside a Prison Brawl

Pretty intense sh*t

Interesting and Useless Facts You Can Store Away In Your Brain

Go ahead and give these a fact check if you're bored enough.

Same Movie Sets That Have Been In Different Movies

Seen that house, road or monument before? Hollywood doesn't care.

Crazy Talented Softball Player Hits Backwards Home Run


(Very Stupid) Man Rides His Hoverboard On The Edge Of Skyscraper

his man has no fear, that thing could catch fire at any minute.